Tuesday, May 29, 2012

pc favourites!

President's Choice has to be the largest and most well-known private food label in Canada. They also umbrella pretty fantastic home products, kitchen tools and clothes as well! Below are some of my PC favourites - I'm sure as the years go and as PC continues to innovate, this list will grow longer!

1. PC Red Velvet Cake Ice Cream: Cake + ice cream, do you need anything more in life? & why have I only discovered this recently - clearly been living under a rock. The crumbles of cake mixed in with the creamy almost cream cheese like ice cream - devine!

2. PC Crumbled Goat's Milk Feta Cheese: I love cheese, especially goat cheese and feta - so to have them both in one combination - heaven! This is a long time favourite of mine. The texture is bang on and the hint of saltiness makes this cheese the perfect compliment to greens, salads and breads, yum!

3. PC Avocado Mayo Sandwich Spread: Since I can remember, I've always enjoyed dipping my french fries in mayo - now dipping them into this avocado mayo is a new treat! Also since it's the season of BBQs, I can only imagine the possibilities with this mayo.

4. PC The Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies: I actually prefer these over "the other brand" - just a simple and just like it's name decadent chocolate chip cookie. My favourite way to eat them is in a bowl with cold milk poured all over them!

5. PC Butter Chicken Cooking Sauce: I mean, I never grew up eating Indian food nor am I of that decent - so I don't think I can provide an authentic rating, but let me tell you, this stuff is good. It makes your craving for the real stuff much more attainable, it's so simple to make & it truly hits the spot! Add some coriander & lachcha paratha to the mix - delish! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

backsplash kind of weekend

It was also a "let's spend money like we have a money tree growing in our backyard" kind of weekend.
(insert sad face).

But - we finally got started on this ...

& after 2 ish days of hard work and labour from Sean and my wonderful (now semi-handy) husband - we're waiting for the grout to dry.

Pretty happy with how it's turned out. Excited to see the final product!
We also paid for our fence this weekend, you know - from our money tree.

Can't believe it's money again, already.
Two more weeks of work left.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

the roller coaster nights of pregnancy

So today, is a not so awesome day.

I haven't been sleeping the best, but really, I've just been dealing with is and for the most part - I make out ok. Last night was rough. On my drive home from my parents place (close to 8pm), not sure how to explain it, but I was feeling a sort of blurriness to my vision or at least the sensation of blurriness. All I knew what I need to move fast, get home, get our nighttime routine on override and sleep.

Luckily, Aiden was cooperating full force and we were in bed in no time. I was restless, tossed and tured with my eyes closed and a headache for probably an hour. Ryan rushed home (he's the best) and started playing doctor with me, googling my symptoms - trying to determine the cause / severity of my "illness". As he was doing this, I started to feel a tingly sensation moving from my fingers up my arms. I also felt the same tingly-ness on my togue. (slight deja-vu, I've felt this before - during one of my period dying-like episodes - went to the ER - to find out I was a-okay). Ryan totally wanted to head to the ER after this, but I was ... not ready for that, just yet. The thing about heading to the ER when it's not an emergency is that, well - you could be there for forever. And really, my pain wasn't severe and baby was alive and kicking (hard).

He cranked the AC up since he read somewhere that I could be dehydrated and the body temperature of pregnant women can be quite high (lol). He drove out to Shoppers to grab me some iron supplements since we know that I have low iron and want to avoid anaemia. I said I was hungry, so Ryan also asked me what I wanted (and of course, since I had a pass, I couldn't think of anything but a dan muffin) - a chocolate chip muffin it was. I ate the muffin, took an iron pill with a glass of milk and tried, once again to sleep. Ryan rubbed my belly until I fell asleep.

Decided to work from home today. The risk with driving my at least 1 hour commute was just too much. Side note: I'm trying to to let it stress me, but my plate at work is overfilled. It has been since I started, but I'm getting worn out thin - physically & emotionally. Must stay positive, must hang in there - this will be my mantra.

The most frusting bit is that the OB office didn't open until 9am. I called for 45 mins and each time I called it went to voicemail (is that even allowed?) & on Wednesdays our family doctor is open from 3-8pm (is that allowed? lol) so I wasn't able to get an appointment until 6:45 pm. But of course, better safe than sorry. Just want to make sure all is OK - it's easy to attribute me being fatigue and my exhaustion to my pregnancy, but you can never be so safe (esp. this late in the game!)

Aiden however, has been fantastic all day long. Can't get enough of this guy, honestly.
He fed himself lunch today, oh and he fed Teddy lunch too! Love!

Monday, May 21, 2012

cheers to this (long) weekend!

Oh how I love long weekends.

Especially ones where I spend it's entirety with my loves.
& ones where I capture candid moments like this one:

Happy May 24 everyone!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

update on our busy little life!

We have been busy.
Between work & home life, things have been hectic around here.
(it's nice to have a long weekend with no set plans, to just enjoy each other and well, catch up on the to-do lists!)

In no order, since they all seem like high importance ... ek!

To-do list: Work Life
The official countdown begins, THREE WEEKS left.
We've found and hired my "replacement"& I spent the majority of last week onboarding and training her with the theory of my job. I've got a few things that I need to wrap of administratively to make sure I'm all set for my Maternity Leave. I also have yet to confirm whether I will be keeping my blackberry while on leave. I secretly hopes that it somehow just blows up - lol.

To do list: Baby Sprinkle
-Finalize menu and prep what we can ahead of time
-Print Baby Bingo sheets
-Find these damn Starbucks Frap bottles, looking for approx. forty. Yes, forty.
-Paint the rest of the chalkboard menu signs
-Buy chalk
-Giveaways? ... Gah.
-Finalize gifts for winners of the games
-Decor? Maybe just some fresh flowers.
-Outfit? LOL.
-Grey and yellow paper straws
-Plates, cups, cutlery
-Finalize cake design

To do list: A's Birthday Party
-Finalize menu and prep what we can ahead of time
-Make loot bags for the kiddies. I decided that only kids under the age of 6 get loot bags ... is that mean?
-Find Aiden a birthday suit (Captain America tee)
-Decide on whether we'll buy A a jumping castle, a wooden swing / slide set or a trampoline (our original idea was to rent a jumping castle but it just seems like a waste of money ...)
-Are we doing games for the kids? Gah!
-Decor: ballons, maybe streamers?
-Plates, cups, cutlery
-Finalize cake design
Oh & looks like Pacquiao's next fight is on the night of A's birthday party - so it looks like we're ordering this for all the Titos

To-do list: Baby Things
-We still can't find Aiden's old mattress, so we must now purchase a new one - whomps.
-Car seat
-A dresser. Ryan totally took me to Ikea today to get this because of the 25% off sale they were having but they were out of white ... I almost settled for another colour, but I didn't. Boo.
-Art deco for the walls
-Cute baby books to fit with the decor
-Must also sift through all of A's baby clothes (oh the nostalgia!) and laundry the ones I want to use for this baby
-Laundry means we need this.
-Set up play pen in our bedroom or maybe just in our living room
-Ensure we have all the parts and nicknacks for the Bugaboo (adapter, pump, bassinet, etc etc ...)
-We need bedding for the crib and sheets for the changing table
-I'd also like a statement rug of some sort (maybe like this one) since I don't think I have the time or the commitment to paint something bold on the walls
-The closet in the nursery also needs to be cleaned out (since this room used to be where I scrap, I still have some of my stuff in there). I'd also like to install some sort of closet system to max the space - is this too ambitious?
-Also need to pack our hospital bag - that's a whole other to-do list ...

Other than the little details, I think this sums up the list(s). Looks like we'll be busy for a little longer ... and then a whole other level kind of busy with Baby #2! Exciting!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day!

us, sometime circa the 80's.

To all the moms, moms-to-be and especially to my own ma - enjoy today!

Also, watched this short video on Bethany's blog - which is beyond fitting for today. & of course, brought tears to my eyes, hehehe.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Pool Party!

Because I haven't been feeling well, not only has our laundry taken a hit - but so has my blogging (lol).
Here are some photos of Aiden and his buddy Tyler at Emma's 3rd birthday pool party.
They make me smile.

He had a blast (huge understatement).

Monday, May 7, 2012


I've been sick!
Nothing like feeling like crap and not being able to take any meds for it ...

Excuse me, while I blow my nose.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We're in the Clear!

Remember this post ...

Well I had my OB appointment today & we've been cleared! My second glucose test results came back normal! I couldn't be happier. Thank you God, for watching over us and our baby.

My hemoglobin count was a little low, but I've always had low-iron. Even took iron supplements with I as pregs with Aiden. So I'll start loading up on iron enriched foods like spinach (yum!), almonds, pumkin seeds, cooked egg yolks (always been my fav) & scallops (my ultimate fav).

Still real happy about the results.

I (actually) remembered that today was McHappy day & because we haven't eaten out in ages - I thought it would be a nice treat to take A for dinner. Oh McHappy day in Milton was BUSY! (Probably because there's a total of 2 McDonald's locations in Milton). But to my surprise, this is what we found in A's happy meal ...

Those are some small fries! - a better serving size for a young lad & a yogurt?! Yay! I loved it for A.

Today was a good day.
& hoping the month of May just flies by.